In this article we will be learning the simplest way to built django application on docker and also see how to dockerize the existing django project.

Let’s have a look at the contents we will be discussing in this article-

Section.1: Basic Idea about Docker.

Docker is an open-source platform what is introduced to resolve the problem of shipping developed applications from one machine to another machine and remove the conflicts regarding different machine’s environment and…

In this article we will be implementing a simple login, register and logout system in flutter using http Post request. We will be using reqres, an online hosted Rest-API server to test our simple system.

RESTful-API allows us to use the protocols of HTTP in a structured and decent way. It gives developers more flexibility to use basic protocols like GET, POST, DELETE, etc. We can use this API in Flutter to create an authentication system. In this system, we can generate a POST method to pass login or registration parameters to a server and the server will send us…

Introductory guide for flutter’s audioplayers library to create a local assets directory audio player and how to deal with multiple mp3 files in the directory.

The things we are going to learn from this article is -

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